Regional Workshop [02]

Comparing Agricultural Cooperatives in Zimbabwe and Japan: Against the Current of Globalization

By Rangarirai Gavin Muchetu, Doshisha University and Sam Moyo African Institute for Agrarian Studies

Date: 20 December, Friday

Time: 16:30 – 18:00

Place: Doshisha University, Karasuma Campus (Shiko-kan Building), SK地4 (underground seminar room no. 4)


Concept: Mr. Muchetu is a Zimbabwean scholar of agrarian studies who has conducted comprehensive fieldwork in a cattle-breeding collective in Osaka, a vegetable-growing cooperative in Chiba and a regional JA cooperative in Shiga in the past three years. There has been almost no African specialist of Japanese agriculture, and Mr. Muchetu is the one....

Regional Workshop [01]

Emerging Afro-Asians: Forgotten Histories

Dr Shihan de Silva Jayasuriya

School of Advanced Study, University of London

Date: 26 October, 2019 (Saturday)

Venue:  Kansai University, Senriyama Campus, Osaka

Time: 14:00 – 17:00 


Abstract: The Indian Ocean, a web of socioeconomic and political networks connecting a vast area from southern Africa to China, incorporating the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Australia is densely populated and holds fifty per cent of the world’s population.  African movement to Asia, both traversing land and sea, mainly through the Middle East and across the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean exposed migrants to a wide cultural spectrum.  Transoceanic trade networks impinged on the forced movement of Africans....