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JSAS Newsletter: Call for Articles


We would like to call for contribution of newsletter articles from JSAS members. Articles may range from medium range essays on issues affecting the African and Asian continents, to short notices and announcements of interest to JSAS members and our followers worldwide. 

With regard to contents, articles may include scholarly essays, opinion pieces, photo essays, reviews, interviews, commentaries on recent news headlines and happenings in both Africa and Asia, forums and much more. Notices and announcements may include such items as announcements of books and articles recently published as well as short reports on coming and/or just concluded events. 
The newsletter article will be circulated in the following ways:


1. Sent by E-mail to all JSAS members (E-mail Newsletter).
2. Uploaded on the JSAS website (Newsletter section).
3. A revised and updated version may be included later in the Journal of Afrasian Studies.


Length: Not more than 1,500 words.
Format: Microsoft Word. Please add a title and section titles as necessary.
Language: English (otherwise, please ask).
Picture: One copyright-free digital image related to the content of the article should be attached

    (otherwise, we may use the association logo). 
Should be sent to:
Deadline: Open 365 days. Anytime.


The article may be subject to screening by the JSAS board. We greatly look forward to your contribution! 

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