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Become a Member, and Stay with Us Every Year!

A JSAS member will receive information about the activities of the Society regularly and may present your research results at the annual conference. You will be invited to participate in various events and conferences of the Society by e-mail. You are welcome to contribute to Newsletter and Journal and participate in research. We invite you to join our ever-expanding network as a regular or student member of JSAS!

Membership Fees (会費)

Type                             Annual Fee JP ¥

Regular Member     5,000 yen (正会員     5000円)

Student Member 2,000 yen (学生会員 2000円)


Fiscal year: from the 1st of April to the 31st of March of the following year.  会計年度は4月1日から翌年3月31日までです。 

Student members are exempt from paying the registration fee when attending the annual conference.


Register As a Member(入会方法)

Please press the "Membership Registration" button below and fill the form before you pay the fee for the first time. If you want to modify some part of your registered personal information later, please write to us ( We will modify the database accordingly.

入会の際は下の「Membership Registration」ボタンを押して、必要事項を記入してください。ご所属や住所などの会員情報が変わった場合は、事務局にメール(でお知らせください。会員名簿を直接訂正させていただきます。

Yearly Payment Methods(毎年の会費の納入方法)

There are three methods of payment of annual fees. Any of them is OK.


[1] Cash(現金)

   You may make payment at the reception desk of the annual conference. 



[2] Credit Card (クレジットカード)

   Please visit the credit card payment page.


[3] Japan Post(郵便振込)

   You can make remittance at a nearby post office in Japan.



   Account Number: 00950-3-211405

   Account Holder: JSAS

   Example of Postal Money Transfer Form

   See the example shown on the right side.

[4] Bank(銀行送金

   You may transfer the money to:


   Bank: Mitsubishi UFJ (MUFG Bank) 三菱UFJ銀行

   Branch: Nishijin (Code: 441) 西陣支店

   Account Number: 0197823 (Savings Account) 普通預金 0197823

   Account Holder: 日本アフラシア学会 会計 白戸圭一


NB: Please make sure that the payer's name corresponds to the registered name as a JSAS member. Except for the payment in cash, we do not issue receipts without request. Please keep the slip/record when you remit the money. In case you need a formal receipt (paper or PDF), please contact us.


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