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Call for Articles (Volume 2)

Deadline: the 1st of November, 2022

Closed. The next deadline will be November 2023.

The inaugural issue (Volume 1) is now ready for download.

ISSN 2758-1187 (Online)
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Call for Articles

The Japan Society for Afrasian Studies (JSAS) is pleased to announce the call for articles for its flagship, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal: International Journal of Afrasian Studies (IJAS).

The purpose of this annual journal is to bring together and engage senior and young scholars, policymakers, researchers and graduate students with a particular interest and/or expertise in issues affecting Africa and Asia. The specific and inter-related objectives of the journal are to:

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  1. provide a forum for original research and critical dialogues about Africa and Asia.

  2. broaden the scope of intellectual exchanges on issues pertaining to Africa and Asia. 

  3. develop approaches for comprehending Africa and Asia, approaches that are authentic, relevant and meet the global standard of scholarship.


IJAS is especially interested in publishing academic articles, research notes and book reviews that focus on the relationship between Africa and Asia, on how and what each side can learn from one another, and on how the ties between the two can be further enhanced for their mutual benefit.  However, manuscripts on other aspects of the Afrasian experience that are consistent with the objectives of the journal will also be considered. 


Please download and read Instructions for Authors
Use the Template when you finalize your manuscript. 
Interested contributors should send their articles to 


The submission deadline for the second issue is the 1st of November, 2022.

IJAS Editorial Board

  Christian Otchia (Editor-in-Chief)
  Seifudein Adem
  Pedro Miguel Amakasu Raposo de Medeiros Carvalho
  Kumiko Makino
  Yoichi Mine

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