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6 October 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00 ~17:45 (Doors Open 9:00)

Venue: Kansai University, Senriyama Campus, Second Building, 2 Gokan

(Rooms C507, C602, C603, C604, Conference Room of Faculty of Economics)

Registration: 9:30~9:45 (Room C507)

Participants are strongly advised to register online before the Conference


Plenary session (Welcome messages, Key-note speech) (C 507)

Moderator: Pedro Amakasu Raposo


Welcome Greetings:

1. Pedro Amakasu Raposo on behalf of Asia and Africa Studies Group (AASG)

2. Vick L Ssali, Interim President, Japan Society for Afro-Asian Studies (JSAS)

3. Professor Hiromi Nosaka, Dean, Faculty of Economics, Kansai University



Keynote Speech:

Professor Kaoru Sugihara (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature) “The Asian Path of Economic Development and Its Relevance to Sub-Saharan Africa”

11:10~12:10 General Meeting (C 507)

12:10~13:10 Lunch

13:15~14:40 Session I

Place: Conference Room A (Afro-Asian Relations – Part I) ( C 602)

Moderator: Michiko Kitaba, Faculty of Economics, Kansai University

Presenters, paper titles and affiliations:

13:15~13: 40 - Seifudein Adem (Doshisha University, Kyoto). “Postcolonial Africa and Meiji Japan: A Preliminary Comparison”

13:45~14:10 - Franck E. Bonzemba (UN International Trade Center, Geneva).  “Leadership in Development Cooperation between Asia and Africa: Japanese vs. Chinese Case”

14:15~14:40 – Vick L. Ssali (Aichi Gakuin University). “Japan in the Eyes of an African”

Place: Conference Room B (African Politics and Development Economics – Part I) (C603)

Moderator: Katsuhiko Kitagawa, Professor Emeritus Kansai University

Presenters, paper titles, and affiliations:

13:15~13: 40 - Ian Karusigarira (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies). “The Effect of State Corruption and Patriarchy on the Political Development:  Reassessing Uganda’s Revolutionay Politics”

13:45~14:10 - Rahab Mureithi (MA student, Kansai University, Osaka) “Improving Intellectual Property System for Kenya’s Economic Development”

14:15~14: 40 - Oyindeinbofa Nicholas-Ere (Kobe Institute of Computing, Graduate School of Information Technology, Kobe).  “Improving Africa Traditional / Indigenous Food Preservation and Processing Techniques: Nigeria as a Case Study”

14:45~15:00 Break Time (coffee and snacks)

15:00~17:25 Session II

Place: Conference Room A (Roundtable Discussion: Afro-Asian Relations Part II) (C602)

“Forging ahead with an Afro-Asian Studies Initiative in Japan”

Moderator: Professor Yoichi Mine (Doshisha University)

Participants: Seifudein Adem (Doshisha University)

Vick Ssali (Aichi Gakuin University)

Kazuyo Hanai (University of Tokyo)

Laban Kinyua Kithinji (Sophia University)

Discussants: Jean-Claude Maswana (Tsukuba University)

Christian Otchia (Kwanseigakuin University)

Place: Conference Room B (African Politics and Development Economics Part II) (C603)

Moderator: Pedro Amakasu Raposo, Faculty of Economics, Kansai University

Presenters, paper titles, and affiliations:

15:00~15:25 - Rangarirai Gavin Muchetu (Doshisha University, Kyoto). “Human Security in Agrarian Societies: a case for the adoption of the cooperative


15:30~16:55 - Yumiko Okamoto (Doshisha University, Kyoto). “Do Standards and Certificates Support Upgrading and SDGs in Global Value Chains?

The Case of the Ugandan Organic Coffee Farmers Association”

16:00~16:25 Osei Oteng-Asante (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo).  “The West African Response to Trade Integration: 1880-1940”

16:30~16:55 - Wonder Terrence Magoso (MA. Student, Doshisha University, Kyoto).  “RDP Housing Projects in the Context of Empowerment: The Case of Emaflethini  Community Pietermaritzburg, South Africa”

17:00~17:25 - Asmao Diallo (MA student of Doshisha University)  “The Impacts of the Agricultural Orientation Law on Contemporary Women

Agribusiness Entrepreneurship in Mali.

17:30~17:45 Closing Remarks: Representative of JSAS and the host Institution/University for the Next Conference

18:00~20:00 Dinner: Friendly/Social Gathering

(Kansai University Restaurant: Circolo)

Host Institution: Kansai University, Faculty of Economics

Organizing Committee: Kansai University, Faculty of Economics, Asian and African Studies Group (AASG): Pedro Amakasu Raposo, Michiko Kitaba, Kenta Goto, Katsuhiko Kitagawa (Professor Emeritus), Naoko Tsuyama (Visiting Professor) and Atsuko Munemura (Researcher of the Institute of Economic and Political Studies).

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