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International Symposium

'Global Youth Dynamics and 'Reality' Negotiation in East Africa and South Asia: Gender, Diversity, Agency'


Dear JAAS Member, *日本語の案内は英語のあとにつづきます。 ILCAA, TUFS (Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa(ILCAA),Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(TUFS)) would like to invite you to our symposium. <International Symposium 国際シンポジウム> Global Youth Dynamics and ‘Reality’ Negotiation in East Africa and South Asia: Gender, Diversity, Agency(東アフリカと南アジアの若者たちのキャリア志向と「現実」との交渉 ) ●Date: Saturday 18th– Sunday 19th November 2023 ●Venue: Medium Conference Room at the Administration Building, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (本部管理棟2階 中会議室 honbukanritō (jimutō)) Campus map: (④in the map) For details, please see here. For participants, please see here. Registration deadline is 16 Nov 2023 ●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・ 国際シンポジウム 東アフリカと南アジアの若者たちのキャリア志向と「現実」との交渉 / Held on Sat Nov 18 and 19th 2023 International Symposium 'Global Youth Dynamics and 'Reality' Negotiation in East Africa and South Asia: Gender, Diversity, Agency' 開催日:2023-11-18-19日 場 所:東京外国語大学本部管理棟2F中会議室 Tokyo University of Foreign Studies ●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・ 【Theme】This symposium focuses on youth ethnographically and seeks to examine, with an intersectional lens, how young people, in Eastern Africa and South Asia, understand their social world through their multiple identities -gender, caste, region, language, and nation - as well as their individual aspirations, desires, and choices. It also seeks to compare the structural factors that act as barriers to their mobility as well as identify the strategies and pathways that individuals develop for change. Through such an approach that focuses on both structure and agency, we aim to arrive at a broader understanding of the issues at hand in vastly different terrains and social communities. The symposium seeks to address some pertinent questions: How do patriarchy, kinship, lack of (higher) education, unemployment, insecurity, and social and cultural inequalities common to these regions confront young people? How do they cope with the complexities and challenges they may encounter in their diverse social and cultural contexts? What forces compel them to make difficult choices for change? What new forms does their agency take? We are especially interested in contributions that focus on gender, religion, and diversity with particular attention to agency. The diverse geographical sites and socio-political contexts will enrich our understanding of the themes through multiple social and regional perspectives. We hope this symposium will further enable us to arrive at a nuanced understanding of youth in diverse settings and provide a comparative background to anthropological youth studies. 【Program】※ Each Presentation 30mins + Questions and Answers for 10mins. DAY 1 (Saturday, Nov. 18th) 11:00–12:30 Casual Lunch Meeting (mainly for Young Scholars including Graduate Students) 12:30–13:00 Registration 13:00–13:10 Opening Remarks & Introduction (Wakana Shiino & Kazuyo Minamide) 13:10–13:50 Prof. Marie Lall: The Effects of Hindu Nationalism on Indian Universities; Students in the Eye of the Storm 13:50–14:30 Dr. Jane Dyson: The Contradictions of Prefigurative Politics: Rajput Young Women’s Everyday Activism in Himalayan India 14:30–14:40 Tea Break 14:40–15:20 Dr. Nirmala Ranasinghe: Can Tourism be a Powerful Life Strategy?: Through the Narratives of Young Men in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka 15:20–16:00 Mr. Takuya Hagiwara: Is Competitive Sport a Career-building Force for Kenyan Youth?: Structured Athletic Environment and Dynamics of Embodied Agency for Social Mobility 16:00–16:40 Dr. Kinyua Laban Kithinji: Contesting the State? Digital Media Platforms as Spaces of Refuge, Safety Nets, and Justice-Seeking in Kenya 16:40–16:50 Tea Break 16:50–17:10 Comments by Discussants (South Asia) Prof. Fumiko Oshikawa, Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University (Africa) Dr. Eri Hashimoto, Associate Professor, Rikkyo University 18:00– Dinner DAY 2 (Sunday, Nov. 19th) 9:40–10:00 (Venue Open) 10:00–10:40 Dr. Piotr Cichocki: The Reality Negotiations in the Collaborative Process of Local Music Making. The Case of Youth from Mzuzu, Malawi 10:40–11:20 Dr. Constance Mudondo: Navigating Market Terrain as Novices: Empowering Female Young Graduates of a Tailoring Course in Uganda 11:20–11:30 Coffee Break 11:30–12:10 Dr. Tomoyuki Chaya: Urban Slum Youth and the Significance of Secondary Education in Contemporary India: Cultivation of Perception of Self-image 12:10–13:30 LUNCH 13:30–14:10 Dr. Wakana Shiino: Female 'Youth' ‘s Choice for Their Survival: Being a Housegirl in Kenya or the Middle East 14:10–14:50 Dr. Kazuyo Minamide: “Probashir Bou (Migrant's Wives)” in a Rural Bangladesh Village: Waiting and Recreating New Family Lives 14:50–15:00 Coffee Break 15:00–15:20 Comments by Discussants (Africa) Dr. Soichiro Shiraishi, Associate Professor, Hirosaki University (South Asia) Prof. Tatsuya Yamamoto, Professor, Shizuoka University 15:20–16:00 General Discussion for two days 16:00–16:10 Closing Remarks 【Presenters】 South Asia Prof. Marie Lall: Professor and Chair of Education and South Asian Studies at the UCL Institute of Education Dr. Jane Dyson: Associate Professor in Human Geography, School of Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Faculty of Science, The University of Melbourne Dr. Nirmala Ranasinghe: Associate Professor, Faculty of Regional Creation, Nara Prefectural University Dr. Tomoyuki Chaya: Lecturer, Graduate School of Education, Hyogo University of Teacher Education Dr. Kazuyo Minamide: Associate Professor, Department of English, Kobe College Africa Mr. Takuya Hagiwara: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences, Toyo University Dr. Kinyua Laban Kithinji: Researcher, Institute of Asian Cultures, Sophia University Dr. Piotr Cichocki: Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Warsaw Dr. Constance Mudondo: Lecturer, Makerere University Dr. Wakana Shiino: Associate Professor, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies For details, please see here. 使用言語:英語 参加費:無料 事前登録が必要です。 参加ご希望の方は,こちらから事前のご登録をお願いします。 申し込み期限:11/16(木) 共催: AA研,科研費基盤研究(B)「「不確実性の時代」の南アジアの社会変動ー若者の社会対応を通してー」(研究代表者:南出和余(神戸女学院大学)課題番号:21H03715),TUFiSCo 協賛: ASC 現代アフリカ地域研究センター 東京外国語大学 上記の情報は現時点のものであり、修正等が入る可能性があります。最新情報は下記のURLよりご覧ください。 *********************************************************** Wakana SHIINO Ph.D. (Social Anthropology) Associate Professor, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa(ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(TUFS)   FENICS:学際的,社会に開いたフィールドワーカーの活動体  FENICS100万人のフィールドワーカーシリーズ(全15巻)発刊中! ***********************************************************

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