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The Japan Society for Afrasian Studies (JSAS) will hold its annual academic conference on July 9th 2022 (one day). JSAS is a multi-disciplinary research platform of African studies in Japan/Asia and, potentially, of Japanese/Asian studies in Africa. Its focus is the creation of inter-cultural and inter-generational links to facilitate dialogue among participants on issues affecting Africa and Asia. The 2022 JSAS conference will take place as the world is still reeling from the effects and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which has restructured the political, economic, and cultural life of multiple societies in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. 2022 will also be a year when the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) will be held for the second time on African soil. We welcome you to join us in our keynote and thematic sessions that will discuss these among other issues. Our keynote speakers will be:

Keynote Session 1

1. Prof. Kojo Opoku Aidoo, Visiting Professor, African Studies Center - TUFS, & Senior Research Fellow, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana.

2. Prof. Renu Modi, Professor, University of Mumbai, & Director, Center for African Studies.

Keynote Session 2 (Special TICAD 8 Session)

1. Prof. Shinichi Takeuchi, ASC-Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

2. Prof. Katsuya Mochizuki, Toyo Eiwa University

3. Prof. Christian Otchia, Nagoya University

4. Prof. Keiichi Shirato, Ritsumeikan University

Those willing to participate are requested to access and register. Please also see the poster and the JSAS website for details.

KINYUA Laban Kithinji,

Institute of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies, Sophia University.


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