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JSAS Mini-Activity 2 (APRIL 2021)

The second in a series of online presentations by JSAS members and invited guests will be held @ Zoom on APRIL 29th 2021 at 20:00.

Here is the Zoom invitation link:

And the ID and Passcode if you need it

ID: 421 906 3616

PC: 590070

Presenter: Atsuko Munemura(Ph.D)

Senior Assistant Professor, Chiba Keizai University, Department of Economics

(Munemura San is also the JSAS General Treasurer

Title: "Submarine Cable and Fruits" project:

a South African perspective on the global history


My recent work "Submarine Cable and Fruits" projects aims at writing a business history of South Africa, beginning from a tiny question on the story of British hegemony told in the telecommunication history.

How can the history of such global information vehicles be incorporated into the broader generalization, which means affordable communication tools developed to be available for commercial use? The example of South Africa shows their multilayered connectivity even in agriculture by utilizing submarine cable up to the London market.

This presentation shall examine the role of SA farmers in the global agri-business world, saying "we won't compete, we complement".

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