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Update on your membership status

We kindly appreciate your participating in our activities.

In the capacity of the JSAS treasurer, let me ask your kind cooperation: Please update the information on your status (student/regular), affiliation, contact address (postal and e-mail), etc., if there has been any change that occurred after 2018, the first membership registration at our inauguration. Please complete the form below and return it by May 10 to let us know any change.

JSAS is preparing for the next annual conference and events, which we shall post in the newsletter with a request for the membership fee in 2023. This year, the membership fee is payable via our credit card system on our website(click the credit card payment page ) and the bank/postal transfer as before.

We're looking forward to seeing you in our events, face-to-face or online!

April 30, 2023

Atsuko Munemura, the JSAS Treasurer

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