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JSAS is proud to announce our current research project:

Exploration of Practical Wisdom and Resilience Overcoming Downside Risk – Collecting grassroots voices in Africa under COVID-19.

A JSAS team of researchers led by our First Vice President Dr. Kazuyo HANAI applied for the "Hitachi Fund Support for Research Related to Infectious Diseases" in the summer of last year, and we are happy to announce that we were one of the five research projects that were finally selected for funding. The Hitachi Fund Support for Research Related to Infectious Diseases is a grant program “to provide grants for evidence-based research projects aiming to academically research, analyze, and study the various issues that have surfaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic and then share the learnings internationally.” The JSAS research team will cover six African countries, and will for the next three years attempt to classify and assess the real and perceived risks associated with both Covid-19 and government responses to the pandemic in these six African countries. We shall also try to elucidate the people’s resilience in overcoming the risks. Our team of researchers for the six countries will work in collaboration with researchers from six local research institutes.

Find an overview of our research project here at the Hitachi Global Foundation webpage: (English) (Japanese)

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